Ionut Cuc - Multidisciplinary Creative


Ionut Cuc

Artist & Graphic Designer from northwestern of Romania,

passionate about art, design and technology.

My work focuses on figurative digital art and graphic design.

I’ve been always interested in art/design, fascinated by the “magic” other people do to create stunning things. In 2014 I opened Photoshop for the first time and like many other designers I started to learn the basics from tutorials.

Until 2017 I only edited photos, created banners, social media graphics

and I drew pencil portraits.

I've seen a lot of digital illustrations on instagram and I said I have to try this digital medium. So in the middle of that year I bought a graphic tablet and having knowledge of drawing I started to draw/paint digitally.

Entering into this digital field I had learn how to make logos and other kind of graphics. I had learned, practiced and I still do. 

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